Statement: My intern configured my iOS app and my website to handle deeplinks, but they didn’t tell me the path :( Can you help me find it?

The challenge announcement tells us about link and iOS.

Once on the website, it says nothing to see here.

After some research, I find the following source:

Try to retrieve the apple-app-site-association file from the server using the associated domains you got from the previous step. This file needs to be accessible via HTTPS, without any redirects, at https:///apple-app-site-association or https:///.well-known/apple-app-site-association.

So I add the path /.well-known/apple-app-site-association to the URL of the exposed web server:

We get the file apple-app-site-association with the following content:

    "applinks": {
        "apps": [],
        "details": [
                "appID": "",
                "paths": ["TFCCTF{4ppl3_4pp_51t3_4550c14t10n}"]

Flag: TFCCTF{4ppl3_4pp_51t3_4550c14t10n}